Financial and Technical Supervision

We control and manage quality

LLC PMCC carries out a full range of supervisory activities that enables the customer to receive comprehensive information on the status of the investment and construction project at all stages of its implementation. Financial and technical monitoring allows to control the progress of construction and the adequacy of the use of invested funds, ensures the required quality of construction and installation work and timing of their implementation, guarantees the timely commissioning of facilities and compliance with the budget.

Supervisory functions include the following:

Financial control over the targeted use of advance funds and project technical monitoring within extended banking support

  • Checking the targeted use of advances by both the general contractor and his subcontractors
  • Express analysis of the cost of basic materials
  • Financial control over the write-off of advance funds from a special account opened for the purpose of contract implementation
  • Control over the targeted use of all funds allocated to the project

Lender / investor representative

  • Generation of a comprehensive monthly report on the progress of the project
  • Monitoring the status of design, working and as-built documentation
  • Analysis of work in progress
  • Technical supervision and financial monitoring of the targeted use of funds

Financial and technical audit

  • Generating a “zero report” that evaluates the technical preparation of the project, state of design and cost estimate documentation, availability of the necessary permits and financial condition of the project
  • Estimation of the project budget and work schedule
  • Preparation of quarterly reports on the progress of work and the financial status of the project
  • Monitoring and analysis of the technical and financial condition of the project

Construction compliance monitoring

  • Ensuring high quality construction
  • Ensuring the use of building materials specified in the construction project
  • Ensuring implementation of the project without exceeding the estimated cost of construction
  • Ensuring high quality construction