Technical Concession Consultant

Systematic approach. Risk reduction

The main activity of LLC PMCC is technical expertise of infrastructure projects implemented through the mechanism of concession agreements.

When analyzing infrastructure projects, private investors and lenders often lack information on construction facilities to make a decision on participation in their implementation. To determine possible risks and ways to respond to them, it is necessary to analyze a construction facility with regard to correctness of the adopted design and technical decisions, construction time and pricing. The experts from LLC PMCC will analyze the adopted design and technical decisions, assess correctness of the work schedule, analyze the estimated cost of construction, and in its absence, will generate the cost of construction for similar facilities, analyze the project budget as a whole and perform an audit of the general contractor, checking availability of necessary resources, competencies and project management system. The result of the work of PMCC for a private investor will be a clear and understandable picture of the state of affairs for the project, which will enable to make right decisions on participation in implementation of the infrastructure project.